REMINDER – To All Zone Secretaries/Match Committees

Under Bowls NSW regulations and COP all players in a side/team must be wearing the same uniform.

However, we understand that with Open Gender that many clubs have their women’s club in different uniforms.

If a club has their females selected or wanting to play in Bowls NSW events, the club must apply for exemption to allow them to play in their uniform, if it differs from Mens Club one.

If the design is different in any way then an exemption must be sought.

For example;

If a club has same design but mens uniform has different logo printed/sublimated than women’s then exemption must be sought. (e.g. a dolphin on mens shirt but not on women shirt or vice versa).

If a club has same design but different colour, say on collar or sleeve then exemption must be sought.

If totally different in colour and design then exemption must be sought.

If design and colour is the same but sponsors are different then NO exemption needs to be given.

The exemption is simply a quick email to me stating that the club seeks permission to allow females to play in Bowls NSW events in 2020 in different uniform to the mens club.

There is no need to have picture or explain difference just the statement is sufficient.

Once received they will receive a reply from me granting their exemption with a sentence advising that it is expected that by 2021 season all players in a side/team will be attired correctly as per regulations and COP.

This gives clubs 12 months to decide what they would like to do regarding uniforms and associated costs etc.

A list of all clubs in NSW with exemptions can be found on our website;

Can you please ensure all of your member clubs are aware of the policy and apply for exemption, if required and especially prior to Pennant season starting?

Whilst this may seem overkill, I just want to ensure that all clubs are covered in case of any persons who may be “over-zealous” and looking to “stir the pot” regarding females participating in Pennant and 2020 BNSW events.

I would hate for any club to be caught up in any appeal process and have the potential to lose points over this.



David Ellis
Head of Sport & Operations